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Research of natural solutions

Research of natural solutions

We study and seek natural solutions for our products because we believe in non-invasive support for the growth, well-being and maintenance of the sexual and reproductive function of humans.

Exclusive active ingredients

Exclusive active ingredients

Our exclusive active ingredients are mainly made with water extractions, exclusive natural enzymatic fermentations.

Tradamixina <sup>®</sup>: More than 20 clinical studies

Tradamixina ®: More than 20 clinical studies

Over 20 independent international clinical trials confirm the validity of our natural products.

Tradamixina ®

Patented Tradapharma Formula.
The internationally patented Tradamixina composition is articulated on well-balanced strategic natural components. In several dosages and titrations of active ingredients, Tradamixina is contained in the following Tradapharma products, in three variants:

tradamixina ®

tradamixina <sup>®</sup>

The Natural way to be a man


tradamixina ® TF

tradamixina <sup>®</sup> TF

A Natural support for male fertility


tradamixina ® TP

tradamixina <sup>®</sup> TP

Support prostate functionality


In 2011, Tradapharma launched a new patented product: Tradamix TX1000, optimizing the highest concentration of Tradamixina currently available. The following year, in 2012, Tradapharma created a specific product for prostate health, exploiting the values of the Serenoa Repens and Tradamixina: Tradaprost. The antioxidant properties of Tradamixina combined with the biochemical characteristics of Myo-Inositol are the basis of TRADAFERTIL, launched in 2013 by Tradapharma

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