TRADAFERTIL A valid protection

A metabolic and antioxidant support for infertile for man in fertility treatment or undergoing an assisted fertilization program. Submitting to an assisted fertilization program can be a major psycho-physical stress for man. In addition, many environmental factors can exert a harmful oxidative action for sperm formation and motility. “Tradafertil” is a valuable protection to be taken daily for cycles of 3-6 months. Tribulus Terrestris, which performs both a hormone-like action and a stimulus on the natural production of androgens (male hormones); the pure Algae Ecklonia Bicyclis containing high concentrations of 8-phenolic, liposoluble and long-lived (12 hours) polyphenols, has an antioxidant action of 10 to 100 times higher than any other earthly plant; the water-soluble Chitosan-based oligosaccharide contains D-glucosamine and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine polymers that favor the release of nitrogen oxide (NO).


News from scientific research: "Pro-fertility" antioxidants

A new natural supplement to antagonize the harmful effects of free radicals of oxygen (ROS) on spermatogenesis. Tradamixina ™ TF * (Patent Tradapharma) component action utilizes a strong ingredients synergism to block oxidative damage to the testicular spermatogenic function.

NEWS from Cochrane database * (2011; (1): CD007411): “… for men with fertility problems it is important to supplement with antioxidants. So many researches have underlined the importance of antioxidants, anti-aging substances, and free radical enemies “…

*Tradamixina TF contains Myo-Inositol, Algae Ecklonia Bicyclis, Tribulus Terrestris and Chitosan Oligosaccharide.

How it works


Inositol is a cyclic sugar, a carbocyclic polyol, whose most common form in nature is myo-inositol (cis-1,2,3,5-trans, 6-cycloecosanol). Eight other isomers are described.
Already in the fifties and sixties the high concentration of inositol in the male reproductive system was noted. Eisenberg and Bolden (1964) first hypothesized that inositol could play a role in spermatozoa maturation at the time of their migration from epididymis. The administration of triethylen melamine in lab rat, as well as experimental surgical cryptorchidism results in decreased inositol synthesis and a concomitant disappearance of spermatids and spermatozoa.
Inositol/antioxidant association is certainly useful in improving some of the seminologic parameters and outcome in medically assisted reproduction procedures.


It contains a high concentration of steroid saponins, phytosterols with mimetic androgenic action that bind to the androgen receptor sites as well as stimulate production as seen in the experimental animal. An androgenic stimulation could support sperm production.


Due to the high concentration of fat soluble polyphenols (Dieckol, Florofucofuroeckol, Bieckol), 12-hour half-life, antagonizes the harmful effect of free radicals of the oxygen (ROS) on the sperm cell (spermatozoo).


It is a precursor of nitrogen oxide, a neurotransmitter of erection. The d-glucosamine and n-acetyl-d-glucosamine polymer is a potent nitric oxide synthase (NOS) inducer that increasing nitric oxide levels (NO) binds and neutralizes superoxide (O2-) produced by oxidative burst.

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