Who we are

Tradapharma is a young and dynamic Swiss company which deals with the development, production and marketing of innovative products aimed at men and their sexuality.

Tradapharma mission

Tradapharma’s “mission” is to accompany and support men during all stages of their sexual growth from childhood to old age.
A team of international researchers made up of urologists, andrologists, endocrinologists and psychologists form part of the company’s scientific research body.
Thanks to the results of this work, in 2010, Tradapharma created and patented a new natural compound made from algae ecklonia bicyclis, tribulus terrestris and chitosan oligosaccharide, known as Tradamixina.

tradapharma worldwide

Tradapharma is present with its own facilities in Switzerland, Slovenia and Singapore. In the rest of the world, product is distributed through exclusive multi-annual agreements with major international Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical companies.

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Tradapharma Business Concept


4 years: Development the Tradamixina formula


Application for International Tradamixina Patent


Start clinical studies Tradamix – Tradaprost – Tradafertil


Market test: Doctors prescription – self-medication channel


Business Internationalization


International Business Development